Best Hindi Movies Sites To Watch Free Bollywood Online In 2021

These websites we have compiled for you are the Best Hindi Movies Sites To Watch Free Online Bollywood In 2021. They are the perfect spots for your favorite content from the industry anywhere. They have legal movies so that internet users and downloaders don’t have to worry about violating any laws.

Best Hindi Movies Sites To Watch Free Online Bollywood In 2021

1. Hotstar


Best Hotstar Highlights

  • The most extensive collection of online Bollywood movies for free
  • Excellent video quality and streaming rate
  • iOS and Android apps available on site

Hotstar is a haven for movie maniacs who prefer watching Hindi movies online and free of charge. And to cap it all off, you don’t need any sign-ups to view the full legal contents there. The categories house a plethora of recently released movies.

Movies are also available in at least 8 separate languages on the Hotstar platform. There are different sections of TV series, sports, and news and sports, like cricket, football, tennis, among others.

2. BoxTV

Best Hindi Movies Sites

Best BoxTV Highlights

  • Enormous collection of trending movie
  • Supports multiple devices

BoxTV is a Hindi movie streaming site where Bollywood, Tollywood, and Hollywood are in a considerable measure. It is one of the Best Hindi Movies Sites by the Times Internet group. Here, a user can stream completely legal movies in Hindi and other Indian languages at their convenience.

The search box is also useful and allows you to locate movies instantly. In addition to these, you can also stream TV shows and short films that can be viewed on various devices of your choice. Most of the content on BoxTV is free and supported by ads.

Editor’s Picks;

3. Netflix

Best Netflix Highlights

  • Though limited, an outstanding collection of Bollywood movies available
    Excellent video quality and streaming rate

Netflix offers Hindi movies, TV series and short videos in various languages and entire compilation of original series. You can stream quality Indian collections on your device for free in 2021 through a one-month free trial option before any subscription rates and payments come into play.

4. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Highlights

  • Trending movies, songs, and videos available
  • Amazon Prime Delivery and Prime Music as extras

Amazon Prime Video is another alternative, and they entertain more content than on Netflix. You can discover the latest movies and stand up comedy from India. There is an attractive one-month free trial where the user can stream your favorite unlimited Bollywood movies online for free on the platform.

5. SonyLiv


  • An easy to navigate interface
  • No signup requirements
  • Premium version comes with sports channels

SonyLiv is a Sony-owned video streaming platform and one of the Best Hindi Movies Sites To Watch Free Bollywood. The top-end videos on this Bollywood movie site are classified into Comedy, Action, Trending, Hindi, Drama, South Indian, Romantic, among others.

Just Some Of The Best Hindi Movies Sites

We have come to the end of the list of platforms in this educative article. There are still a host of other websites where you can download and watch movies of other genres and industries that will interest you. Share your reactions and tell us how helpful the post was to you in the comment box.

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