BlackBerry’s BBM Shut Down – Time Up for Blackberry Messenger

BBM Shut Down

BlackBerry’s BBM Shut Down BlackBerry Messenger has finally come to its end. The messaging platform has failed to maintain its relevance in today’s competitive social media society. The presence of WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, and the host of them might have played a significant role finally in pushing BBM to the point of a shutdown.

BlackBerry’s BBM Shut Down

BBM Shut Down

Emtek, which bought the licensing rights to BBM, has shut BBM down for good. The company decided in April 2019 and finally, close BBM down permanently. It leaves the last surviving users seeking alternative messaging platforms.

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The only aspect that is shut down is BBM Consumer. Nevertheless, BBM Enterprise has survived the decision and is still accessible on Android and iOS (as well as Windows and Mac). What’s more, BlackBerry Messenger will still operate on BB10 and BBOS devices.

BlackBerry Messenger Grounded BBM Shut Down

BBM Shut Down

While some people will be reeling in disappointment for being denied their BBM experience, there is still a lot of optimism by the social media community as the scene is still bright, with a plethora of excellent apps that are arguably more engaging.

If you are one of the old school lovers of BBM, and you are now looking for an alternative messaging app, there is an abundance of options to choose from. For now, we are keeping our fingers crossed for the next batch of innovative social media apps and updates.

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