Browser Keyboard Shortcuts for Professionals

browser keyboard shortcuts

These Browser Keyboard shortcuts will function just fine on any of your favorite internet browser. They might be straightforward to apply, but they are, without a doubt, very efficient in helping you make tasking assignments look simple.

Major Browser Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

  • CTRL + S
    Save the web page to your computer.
  • CTRL + O
    Open a file stored on your computer.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + T
    Open previously closed tab.
  • CTRL + TAB
    Switch between open tabs.
  • CTRL + 1 to 8
    Switch to the tab of the equal number from left to right.
  • CTRL + T
    Open a New Tab.
  • CTRL + W
    Close current tab.
  • CTRL + 1
    Switch to the first tab.
  • ALT + Right Arrow
    Go forward.
  • F5 or CTRL + R
    This command reloads the web page that you are currently on.
    End the loading of the web page.
  • CTRL + 9
    Switch to the last tab.
  • CTRL + N
    This command launches a new window on the browser.
  • ALT + F4
    Close the current browser window.
  • F11
    Go Fullscreen.
  • ALT + Home
    Open the home page.
  • Backspace or ALT + Left Arrow
    Go back.
  • CTRL + P
    Print the web page.
  • CTRL + H
    Open browser history.
  • CTRL + J
    Open downloads history.
  • CTRL + D
    Add the current web page to the bookmarks.
  • CTRL + F
    Search the web page.
  • CTRL + L or F6 or ALT + D
    Skip to the address bar.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + Delete
    Open the Clear Browsing Data option.
  • CTRL +
  • CTRL –
  • CTRL + 0
    Reset zoom.
  • End
    Scroll down to the bottom of the web page.

We are confident that these browser keyboard shortcuts will be of immeasurable help in improving your computer skills. They are sure to make you look like a pro among your peers and colleagues. We will be delighted to know how helpful it was to you and your work.

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