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Douban Sign Up apk rating

Check out Douban Sign Up procedures for one of the best platforms to get information, create movie-related content, and update users on Chinese special activities online. With Douban, you get highlighted on recent events and expand your browsing experience. Now, you can discover more about Chinese activities online with just your mobile phone or PC. 

Also, this website permits its visitors to share music, videos, films, books, and lots more. In summary, it is a site that offers lifestyle and culture. Scroll down to learn more about Douban.

Douban Sign Up Features

Douban is a Chinese social networking site that caters to urbanites and college students with “lifestyle and culture” products and services. Although it is a Chinese site, it is still open to people from different parts of the world. This platform aims at helping young people discover more about life using mobile phones or computers. To get the best out of Douban, you register first. Douban only permits registered users to access the site.

Main Douban Highlights

Douban is filled with outstanding features to keep users in an ecstatic mood. Undoubtedly, browsers start to enjoy these features after signing up with Douban. Below are some of the Douban features:

  • Douban Music
  • Douban movie review
  • Douban Groups
  •  Douban series review
  •  Douban book review
  •  Douban cities
  •  Douban FM
  • Douban goods

What are Douban Ratings?

As a trusted Chinese social networking platform, In 2021, we removed 10,707,256 abnormal ratings and dealt with 199,667 illegal accounts. Furthermore, the platform’s rating system is regularly changed to address behaviors that affect the fairness of movie and TV program ratings. 

Now, Douban is one of the reliable sites on the Chinese mainland, especially among youngsters.

Is Douban free?

Douban is not a free social networking platform. It is a premium site that allows users to access and share movies, books, and record information online. Moreover, this platform often updates registered users with fresh content daily. Unregistered users get reviews and ratings of media on this site.

How Much is Douban Subscription?

Browsers can enjoy a month or more plan to catch the gist on Douban. To try out the premium product for a month, it costs only 10 RMB (US$1.60), or 50 RMB ($8) for six months.

How to Sign Up on Douban?

Users can sign up on Douban by taking easy steps. For browsers to enjoy the goodies of this site, they will need to create an account with Douban. Also, you can register via the official website or with the Douban mobile app. Follow these steps to sign up for Douban:

  1.  Visit the Douban website (
  2.  Click on sign up at the top right corner.
  3.  Enter your details in the provided space.
  4.  Verify your mobile number.
  5.  Click on register and begin.

How to Use Douban?

Douban is a better option to market your products online. You can easily share your content, upload your music or books on Douban and create awareness globally. It is interesting as unregistered users can access your content online with Douban. With Douban, you can reach out to the world easily.

Download Douban App & Sign Up

Douban users can easily download the app on the Douban official website. The app helps users carry out operations without much stress. With the mobile app, you can also access the contents of the Douban platform. Currently, the app is not available in app stores. Nevertheless, you can download the app directly from the website. To download the Douban app suitable for your device, follow these simple steps:

  1.  Go to the Douban official site.
  2.  Click on app download on the right side of the interface.
  3.  Download & Enjoy.

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