How to Download Youtube Videos Online Legally and Free

Download Youtube Video

For one to successfully download YouTube videos online, it mostly requires an app in the mold of a free YouTube video downloader or platforms of similar purpose. It is not a secret that this is incredibly on top of the list of the activities that frequent internet users still find very hard to execute. Now that some of the best movies ever are available for download, you cannot afford to miss them.

How can I download YouTube videos directly?

You must know how to download YouTube videos properly if you want to store videos to watch later. YouTube videos can be downloaded in a variety of formats, including MP4, AVI, MPEG, and others. You may also convert YouTube videos to MP3 files if you simply require the audio.

Youtube Video Free Download Legally 

In spite of the many tips that see the light of the day and daily, it is quite surprising that the few processes involved are still a mystery to more than a handful. We will now take time to dissect how you can go about a free and legal Youtube video download easily.

What is the best free way to download YouTube videos?

Every regular user of the internet would know that it is not every content found on the web has good intentions for their devices. It is not different when it comes to downloading videos, and we will see some common risks involved in the exercise.

Potential Danger of Malware

The number of avenues that preach and try to sell one product or service on the internet means that there is also an increase in the number of potentially harmful ones out there too. Some of these seemingly harmless platforms are boarding malicious content in the name of making money.

In addition to this, your device can be susceptible to a number of trojans and viruses with the ability to jeopardize your device and even make you lose important information and data at the end of the day.

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Possible Download of Illegal Contents

I would have loved to tell you that you can hop on the internet whenever you want, and download any content you like. Unfortunately, it does not work like that, because you might end up threading the thin lines of the law. You must bear in mind that your download activities must be in line with YouTube terms and conditions.

Countries that have copyright laws frown at downloading or making copies of copyrighted content. You don’t want to be caught up with the laws of your region by engaging in unlawful download activities. 

How to Download Free YouTube Video Legally

Having established the fact that there are ways by which a user can download videos on youtube that are not in line with the law, is it possible to do it in the right way? Of course, see how you can download your favorite Youtube videos for free and without trespassing beyond the threshold provided by the law.

YouTube app

Download Youtube Videos

To download a YouTube video legally, these are the simple steps you must take:

  • Open the official YouTube mobile app for either Android or iOS devices
  • Select your desired video on the platform
  • Click on the Download icon under the video thumbnail.
  • Choose the video quality/format
  • Then, select OK to finish.

 The video in question will then be saved in the ‘Downloads’ section of the Youtube app. It will always be available for your offline viewing pleasure anytime you want.

YouTube Go app

Download Youtube Video

YouTube Go is a lightweight Android app that Google made for low-performance smartphones. It is still a perfect YouTube video download platform for the same purpose when you do the following:

  • Download the YouTube Go app for Android devices
  • Choose the video you want
  • In the next section, select your desired quality or format
  • Tap the download button

It is quite a fulfilling feeling to come across video content you want on Youtube and to download it quickly and without doing so illegally successfully. What do you think about the steps involved in getting the process done?

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