How To Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode Feature On iPhone

The dark mode feature of Whatsapp is no longer strange to social media and internet users. On the contrary, a lot of users of the app have come to find it innovative and appealing. You can now enable the WhatsApp Dark Mode Feature on your iOS device if you are one of those that have fallen in love with it.

iPhone’s WhatsApp Dark Mode

It is quite apparent that a good number of people prefer their browser and social media apps in this outlook. This one is no different as a lot of people are already falling for the uniqueness and quietness of the background.

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Interestingly, this is a leeway that is totally unknown to users of iOS devices. However, it is simple as it is refreshing to execute, and the result might just have you smitten. Why wait for anybody when you can get something done for yourself and experience the fulfillment you crave?.

How To Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode Feature On iPhone

The following steps will guide you to your desired result;

  1. Start by making your way to your device’s Settings.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

     2. Go to “General” and then click on “Accessibility.”

WhatsApp Dark Mode

     3. On the Display Accommodations option under “Accessibility”, you can enable the “Invert Colors” setting.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

      4. After that, activate the Smart Invert setting, for the colors on the device that should be inverted.


NOTE: At the moment, it is quite unfortunate that this setting is only applicable to iOS devices, i.e., iPhones and iPads.

Many have found this setting to be genius and are already getting the dark mode feeling with it. The outlines above will make you have a customized app view of your Whatsapp.

Why not try out the settings above and give us feedback on your experience while and after the exercise? We are confident that you will be glad you did.

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