Fortnite Harpoon Gun | New Weapon Added to Fortnite Gameplay

Fortnite Harpoon Gun

A new weapon has been included in the arsenal of Fortnite Gameplay through a patch update. Gamers! meet the Harpoon Gun. It a kind of came as a surprise to gamers who only discovered the weapon while already playing the game. They also had to sort out what it can do during the gameplay. The reason was that the patch was delivered on Tuesday morning in the absence of any tips or details.

Introducing the Harpoon Gun

After Fortnite Chapter 2 patches and upgrades were delivered, a new item was introduced in the form of the Fishing Pole. It is a tool that enables players to examine the lakes around them. The Harpoon Gun is a high-level fishing poll. With it, players will find their fishing activities enhanced even while on the go.

The discovery of the Harpoon gun by data miners and gamers came, in spite of the non-existent official statements on the weapon. That is why the secret item is unusual. Considering the obvious decline of participating players. Epic might have to do more to convince players to go for the Battle Royale of the moment.

Putting the New Fortnite Gun to Use

Nevertheless, none of these has stopped players from finding new uses for the Harpoon Gun. One example is that you can shoot directly into a school of fish and end up with specialty items or a variety of fish themselves, even the popular Mythic Goldfish. It is a fish that can be obtained after the conclusion of a series of tests.  It comes with a 6-star gold Legendary rating, and that is some destructive ability.

The weapon is also useful in causing havoc. Damages to the tune of 75 can be dealt on other players with it. It can also draw enemies closer to the wielder, so close-ranged weapons should also be ready for action. And although it can drag players to you, the Harpoon Gun is no grappling tool.

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