Google Call Screen | What You Need To Know on New Feature

Google Call Screen

Google Assistant’s call screening will let a user verify their callers and the details of specific conversations. It is a feature that allows Google Call Screen to respond to a user’s phone calls and then provide them with the aspects of the discussion in real-time.

Google Call Screen and Features

It is an option that can come in handy in situations where one is unable to give maximum attention to calls. They can decide to tell the caller of their unavailability, ask for further information, or respond to them, depending on the condition and the importance of the caller or message.

Google Call Screen

Only Google Pixel, Pixel 2, and Pixel 3 phones can run this feature at the moment. Nevertheless, it is predicted to be available on Android One Motorola and Nokia phones shortly. Continue for more on this fantastic Google innovation and how it can help your daily activities.

What Google Assistant Call Screening Is All About

We will relay the inner workings of this new feature to you, and how you can get the best out of the options available on it. Go through and find out how this technology can benefit you and take advantage of it.

When a user’s smartphone receives a call, they will see an option to screen the call. If the user approves of the prompt, Google Assistant automatically fills in to receive the call for them. A screen appears showing what Assistant is saying to the caller, as well as the caller’s responses.

Google Screen Call Transcripts

Google automatically saves the transcripts from every screened call; this information can be helpful when you want to review your call details. The transcript is always located inside the call details of a screened call. However, you can still choose not to have them keep your call records by deleting them.

Once the person calling you has answered Google Assistant, you will view the prompts below your screen. They will include options that will be suitable for that moment and help you decide your reaction towards the call. Your decisions will then depend on your convenience.


Having calls from unknown numbers screened is vital in helping you maximize your time and keeping you focused. Remember that it is always in your hands to attend to or let Google Call Screen handle your calls for you.

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