Google Podcasts – Standalone Podcast App for Android

Google Podcasts

Have you in one moment or another come across the free standalone podcast app for Android called Google Podcasts? If you have not, then you have a lot to learn about it in this article. It is an Android app that works together with Google Home and Google Assistant. Now, let’s observe what we can do with it on our devices.

Google Podcasts

Features of Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts app comes with a handful of features that are, no doubt, advantageous. Although it does not have a desktop client, the user can download and save episodes for offline listening and syncing podcasts over devices to immediately resume an event.

It combines with Google Assistant, thereby giving the user access to voice commands to have control of Google Podcasts. There is also a provision for speech-to-text transcription tool in the works from Google, providing closed captioning for hearing impaired users and translating that into various languages.

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Giving the audience to a podcast while you are engaged in an important task does not have to be that challenging anymore. That is because you can always voice-command it to resume the same episode from your last point.

Functions of Google Podcasts

The Google Podcasts home screen presents available podcasts in categories. When you select any podcast from the home screen, you can decide to delve further into the details of the episode, then click on Subscribe if you are interested in it.

In conclusion, Google Podcasts is promising to make a significant impression on users without a doubt. The features are engineered to come handy with their efficiency and service. Make sure to try out the app and let us know what you think.

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