20 Highest-Paying IT Jobs in Canada (With Salaries)

Highest-Paying IT Job In Canada

Technology is an industry that’s always growing as each technological advancement can lead to the next. People who are passionate about technological advancement can find high-paying jobs.

Learn more about the most lucrative IT jobs to help you choose your career path. This article will discuss 20 of the most lucrative IT jobs in Canada. We’ll also cover their average salaries and primary responsibilities.

Canada’s 20 best-paying IT jobs

These are the 20 highest-paying IT jobs available in Canada. We also provide information about their average salaries and responsibilities.

1. Software developer

Average salary in the United States: $71,126 annually

Primary responsibilities Software developers develop and test software for mobile devices or computer systems. They meet with clients to discuss the needs of their software and then create diagrams or models that can be used by programmers to create the code.

Software developers test the software to ensure it is performing well and quality during a project. They might also suggest updates to existing software.

2. Manager of IT projects

Average salary in the country: $102,328 annually

Primary responsibilities While many businesses have project managers, an IT project manager oversees all aspects of IT projects, including planning, organization, and execution.

They are involved in all phases of the process which usually includes five phases: initiating, planning and executing, monitoring, closing, and closing.

They usually evaluate the process of electronic data processing departments or information systems. They help guide their team to success, and provide advice or guidance when needed.

3. Analyst in IT business

Average national salary: $55,436 per annum

Primary responsibilities. IT business analysts assess the technology used by companies, such as software or computers, and determine if upgrades could help employees be more productive.

They may do a cost-benefit analysis to determine the best technology for the company’s long-term goals and employees. They meet with the management team to discuss future growth and company needs.

4. Analyst of databases

Average national salary: $32.97 an hour

Primary responsibilities Database analysts are responsible for maintaining and protecting a company’s information. They examine the company’s data to make sure it is accurate, secure, efficient, and reliable. They are able to make any necessary modifications. Data analysts can also collect, organize and interpret data in order to create reports for the upper management.

5. Manager of computerized information systems

Average national salary: $41.13 an hour

Primary responsibilities Computerized Information Systems Managers typically oversee all aspects of computer technology at companies such as internet operations and software or hardware installations, upgrades, security, and network security.

They make sure that all computers in the company are working efficiently and productively. They might also establish guidelines and procedures for electronic data processing.

Computerized information system managers often supervise employees in other positions, such as computer software developers, computer support specialists, or computer systems analysts.

6. Security analyst

Average salary in the United States: $78,834 annually

Primary responsibilities Security analysts are responsible to secure a company’s data. They evaluate security systems and find flaws, then develop security solutions.

The company’s digital assets remain secure from unauthorized access by security analysts. To minimize security breaches, they monitor for suspicious activity. They are responsible for countering any breach that occurs.

7. Business systems analyst

Average salary in the United States: $72,008 annually

Primary responsibilities Business system analysts are responsible for developing processes that improve a company’s communication and productivity. Each department is strengthened to ensure that they work together.

They might also be able to analyze current company data and recommend ways to increase income or decrease expenses. Business system analysts can create, combine, evaluate, and implement information systems business solutions. They may also be able to create policies and contingency plans in order to prevent security breaches.

8. Network Engineer

Average salary in the United States: $79 293 per annum

Primary responsibilities Network engineers plan and implement a company’s computers networks. A network engineer can assess a company’s network and suggest improvements.

These professionals can design a custom network for a company’s specific needs. A startup may need a smaller network than a business with established connections.

9. Data scientist

Average salary in the United States: $80 522 per annum

Primary responsibilities: Data Scientists gather and analyze structured or unstructured data. Data scientists process and interpret data to aid a company’s management in making informed decisions or creating actionable plans.

Data scientists combine science and mathematics to analyze data and identify trends. They are able to create and implement data management systems and data models.

10. Computer programmer

Average national salary: $36.10 an hour

Primary responsibilities: Programmers write code to create programs and applications. They work with clients to determine their requirements and make sure their code is compatible.

To ensure that programs work properly, they also maintain, troubleshoot, and debug existing programs. Computer programmers are skilled in cybersecurity to detect and remove malicious software, or update vulnerable programs.

11. Analyst for application

Average salary in the United States: $78,415 annually

Primary responsibilities Application analysts evaluate the computer applications that companies use to help employees be more productive and efficient. They can analyze and develop existing systems, or create, design, and implement their own. They might also help employees learn how to safely and properly use certain applications or systems.

12. Deep learning engineer

The average salary in $69,000.11 per annum

Primary responsibilities Deep-learning engineers are experts in machine-learning platforms that create, maintain, and update artificial intelligence. To make artificial intelligence more accurate and realistic, they develop programming systems that replicate the brain functions of humans.

Because they are similar to the structure of a human brain, they use neural networks to accomplish this. Deep learning engineers are involved in projects like self-driving cars and robotics as well as facial recognition software.

13. Engineer solutions

Average national salary: 75,914 per annum

Primary responsibilities Solutions engineers work closely in the hardware and software industry with customers to understand their needs and resolve their problems. They communicate with customers via phone, email, or in person and offer customized solutions.

Customers may also be sold software or hardware by solutions engineers. They can explain the technicalities of the product to them. To ensure that every customer has a great experience, solutions engineers collaborate closely with the customer service or sales team.

14. Database developer

Average salary in the United States: $76,180 annually

Primary responsibilities Database programmers (also known as database developers) create and maintain secure databases for companies. They meet with company management to discuss their requirements, including the need for a larger database to store data or extra security.

They are able to design reliable, efficient databases that meet these needs. To maintain company standards, database developers can modify, repair, or optimize existing databases.

15. Computer scientist

Average salary in the United States: $76,681 annually

Primary responsibilities Computer scientists work in software development companies to develop new theories around technology development. They evaluate current technology and devise ways to improve it. They use technology to solve common problems, and they work toward improving the future.

16. Front-end developer

Average salary in $82,049 annually

Primary responsibilities Front-end designers create websites that are visually appealing and easy to use. They create code using languages like HTML and JavaScript that allows visitors to interact with the website. They are also able to optimize websites for mobile users.

17. Back-end developer

Average salary in $85,782 annually

Primary responsibilities Backend developers are also responsible for creating websites but they are more concerned with the code that runs the website. They are also responsible for maintaining the website’s technology, including the database and software. They collaborate closely with front-end developers to make sure the website is functional and visually appealing.

18. Full-stack developer

Average salary in $83,621 annually

Primary responsibilities Full-stack Developers are a mix of back-end and front-end developers. They are skilled in both front-end and back-end development so they can usually create a website by themselves. They create the code for the website’s operation and ensure it is visually pleasing.

19. Mobile developer

Average salary in the United States: $79 742 per year

Primary responsibilities are Mobile developers design and develop mobile applications. They make sure that the client’s mobile apps are compatible with different devices and smartphones. They are able to participate in all stages of the mobile app development process, including writing the code, testing it, identifying flaws and suggesting improvements.

20. Cloud engineer

Average national salary $95,654 per annum

Principal responsibilities: Cloud engineers are experts in cloud-based technology and can design, manage, monitor, and maintain them for companies. To ensure that cloud-based technology meets company needs, they test and implement them. They are responsible for improving systems operations, monitoring compliance, and implementing disaster recovery solutions.

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