How to Create a Twitter Moment – Make Unique Moments

How to Create a Twitter Moment Make Moments twitter memories

How do I get twitter memories? See how to create a moment on Twitter successfully here. Learn to make unique Twitter moments, which are stories that have been assembled or curated from around the world. Tweets are always empowering in Twitter moments. The feature is the perfect option for you if you want to construct your tale on Twitter.

What are Twitter Moments?

Twitter moments allow you to tell stories that extend beyond a single tweet and include multiple points of view. Develop collections of important Tweet exchanges and live commentary, or weave together Tweets that express a powerful or fascinating story to create a moment.

You can keep yourself involved on the platform while also keeping other users and followers engaged, updated, and entertained with this. If you want to create your moments on the app, you should keep reading since useful information will be presented throughout the post on how to do so.

How to Create a Twitter Moment 

How do you make moments on Twitter 2022? Below is how you make your moments:

  1. On the top-righthand side of your Twitter Moments feed, click “Create new Moment.”
  2. For your Moment, choose a title, description, and cover photo.
  3. Add tweets to your Moment that you’d like to feature.
  4. Using the icons to the right of each inserted tweet, you can delete or reorder your Twitter Moment material.
  5. To save a draft of your Moment, choose “Finish later,” or “Publish” to make it live on Twitter.

How do I View Twitter Moments?

How to find Moments:

  • Select the Explore option.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to see what’s going on. Media, Pop Culture, Music, Travel, Politics, and more are all represented in the Featured Moments section.
  • Tap Show more to see more Moments organized by category.

How do I See Memories?

Go to for more information. Under “People,” click the “From these accounts” icon and insert your username. Select the date range of the tweets you’re looking for using the pop-up calendar feature. To see your old tweets from this period, click the “Latest” button.

Are Twitter Moments Gone?

How do you get twitter moments on iPhone and Android? The company appears to have a Moments limit. Twitter has revealed that these will be replaced by a new Twitter Explore tab, after placing big expectations on it about one year back. But don’t stress, moments aren’t going away anytime soon.

In Conclusion

That is how you create a Twitter Moment. These are compilations of tweets regarding a specific topic or event on the platform. Like regular tweets, they can be tweeted, liked, pinned, and embedded, but when you tap to view a Moment, it displays a collection of different tweets. Moments have a cover photo and an introduction, similar to a “best of” collection piece.

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