How to Turn Off Subtitles on Netflix

How to Turn Off Subtitles on Netflix Roku fire tv apple tv xbox chrome iphone

Subtitles are useful, although they aren’t always required. See how to turn off Netflix subtitles on different devices. Please follow these simple procedures for your TV, browser, Google Chromecast, Consoles, etc.

Why do Subtitles Keep Coming on Netflix?

If the captions keep coming back on after you’ve removed them, it’s possible that the issue isn’t with Netflix. Rather, the captions are still enabled someplace in your device’s settings. As a result, you’ll need to locate and disable them in the menu. Now, how do I turn off the subtitles?

How to Turn Off Netflix Subtitles on Browser

Put the cursor over the icon that looks like a dialogue box in the browser like Chrome or Edge to switch off subtitles. Under the Subtitles box, select Off.

Using a Browser Extension

You can also use the Unsubtitle for Netflix browser addon. This is a Google Chrome-only addon. Select Add to Chrome from the Chrome Web Store after finding the extension. Select Add extension when prompted to complete the procedure.

How to Turn Off Netflix Subtitles on Google Chromecast 

If you’re using a Google Chromecast to cast Netflix from an Android or iOS smartphone to a TV, go to the Netflix settings menu on your mobile device and disable subtitles as described here.

How to Turn Off Netflix Subtitles on Xbox

This is how you turn it off on the console:

  1. Select the Down arrow on the Xbox controller when watching a Netflix video.
  2. Select the Dialogue icon from the drop-down menu.
  3. To access the Subtitles setting, press the A button.
  4. Select Off under Subtitles.

On PlayStation

Turning off subtitles on a PlayStation 3 or 4 works similarly to turning off subtitles on a Blu-ray or other device. Select Off beneath the Subtitles section under the Dialogue icon.

How to Turn Off Netflix Subtitles on Android

  • Tap the screen to reveal the progress meter while watching a video.
  • Choose your audio and subtitles.
  • Select Off in the Subtitles section.
  • Apply should be selected.

How to Turn Off Netflix Subtitles on iPhone

  1. Tap Audio & Subtitles when a video is playing.
  2. Select Off under Subtitles.
  3. To return to the video, press X.

How to Turn Off Netflix Subtitles on Apple TV

If you’re watching Netflix on an Apple TV device, you can access the subtitles settings using one of the methods listed below, depending on the version you have.

  1. Hold the center button on the Apple TV remote for an Apple TV 2 or Apple TV 3.
  2. Swipe down on the touchpad on the Apple TV remote for an Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 4K.
  3. Then, in the Subtitles section, pick Off.

On Blu-ray Players, Smart TVs

Because Blu-ray players, Smart TVs, and set-top boxes come in a variety of manufacturers and types, procedures may differ a little.

If you’re watching Netflix on a Blu-ray player, Smart TV, or set-top box, pick the Dialogue symbol on the device’s remote to turn off subtitles. Select Off under Subtitles.

How to Turn Off Netflix Subtitles on Fire TV

To turn off subtitles when watching Netflix on an Amazon Fire TV device, try these instructions.

  • On the Fire TV remote, press the Menu button. Select the Menu button on the Fire TV remote app if you’re casting from a mobile device.
  • Select Turn Captions Off from the drop-down menu.
  • To change the option, press the Menu button.

How to Turn Off Netflix Subtitles on Roku

Subtitles can be turned off in two ways when watching Netflix on a Roku device.

  1. Select Audio & Subtitles from the video’s description page using the Roku remote.
  2. After starting the video, click Back on the Roku remote to go to the video description page and switch off the subtitles. Alternatively, you can follow the steps outlined below.
  3. Select Off under Audio & Subtitles. Press the Back button to return to the description page and resume play once it’s checked.
  4. You can also turn subtitles off while a video is playing if you have a newer Roku model. To access the progress bar and other options, press Up on the remote.
  5. Select the Audio & Subtitles icon with the remote and hit OK.
  6. Press OK after selecting Off from the Subtitles settings menu.

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