Huawei Android Ban Updates – More Companies Join in Huawei Restrictions

Huawei Android Ban

It looks like the Huawei Android Ban situation is getting worse than the Company might have predicted. We have all been aware of the execution of President Donald Trump’s command concerning the Chinese Tech Giant. Now more and more US-based tech firms are falling in line with the order.

Is Google’s Huawei Android Ban Just The Beginning?

These companies have been forced to limit or severe their connections with Huawei for the time being. Google took the lead in acting with respect to these orders, but now they are not alone in the act. Unfortunately for Huawei, even some non-US tech companies have started keeping their distance.

Companies That Have Joined the Que

  1. Google – Android software suppliers
  2. Intel – Server Chips Suppliers
  3. Infineon Technologies – chips suppliers
  4. Qualcomm – Provides smartphones CPU and modem chips
  5. Vodafone – leading mobile operator in the UK
  6. Xilinx – providers of programmable chips for networking devices
  7. ARM Holdings – Major mobile chip designer
  8. Broadcom – Network equipment and components suppliers
  9. EE Limited – Europe’s Telecom Giant
  10. Lumentum Holdings – Providers of mobile parts

A significant player yet to fully commit to this ban at the moment is Microsoft concerning their Windows software Huawei support. However, they have instead revealed the removal of Huawei manufactured laptops from their website for now.

More Expected to Act Soon

It is suspected that if Huawei and the U.S reach no agreement soon, then, they might consider rolling out there rumored ready Operating systems for their devices. Although, the stricter task lies in their hardware partners who might eventually join the movement.

Things have not mainly looked suitable for the company since the inception of these restrictions. The company has been in a state of an override in the effort of trying to keep their businesses operations and ties afloat amidst these challenging times.

Many have declared that the Huawei Android Ban was a nightmare for one of the World’s biggest tech giants, now it only looks like the beginning of something more severe than predicted. And with the way the situation is escalating right now, more companies are filing in.