How To Install Windows From USB Drive | Windows 7, 8 & 10

Install Windows From USB

For those us looking for a better alternative to the widely-used, but, most of the time frustrating DVD drives, maybe it is high time you learned how to install Windows from USB drives successfully. Simply, it is on a different level to the ancient method, from the speed, portability, or security of software.

Why You Should Install Windows From USB Drives

Below are some of the benefits of Windows installation from bootable USB pens.

  • Not all PCs have Optical drives, and in some cases, this option might be broken
  • USB drives are more secure and portable to use
  • It is a way quicker Windows installation process
  • Every computer system has multiple us port options

First Things First

Before you can install Windows from USB, you must make sure that your USB drive is at least 8GB capacity, this is the minimum size for basic operating systems.

  1. Format the drive properly.
  2. Download or copy Windows installation media into the USB stick.

Now you have a bootable drive in your hands and good to go.

Windows Installation Procedures

  • Stick the now-bootable USB pen into the port of the computer system and wait for the PC to recognize it.
  • Sometime this might not be the case, so then, you will have to introduce the drive manually by pressing the key to access the UEFI/BIOS or boot menu of your computer (these can differ from one PC to another).
  • You should then change the boot settings on the boot menu to the USB and restart.
  • When the drive is recognized, select the boot source from the menu.
  •  Choose your preferred installation options while the process is going on.
  • After the installation is complete, you can then eject the USB flash device and keep safe for future use.

We believe that this brief article was of great help to you, and has in some way increased your Windows installation knowledge. We have more exciting topics that are sure to grow your skills significantly, keep in touch.

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