Peninsula Movie: Watch Train to Busan Sequel Trailer and Full Movie

Peninsula Movie

The first trailer for Peninsula movie, four years after “Train to Busan” is here. It looks like the train stopped at Busan but the Zombies continued. Check out the latest trailer teaser of the Peninsula now. For everything, there is to know about the movie as things stand, and where to download and watch movies online free, see the following information.

Peninsula Movie Trailer: Train to Busan

The first trailer to Yeon Sang-Ho’s Peninsula movie, which is the sequel to the Train to Busan Project has arrived with a lot of interesting scenes. The teaser shows that the movie will be a treat for those of us that cannot get enough of zombies. Things are about to take the next level as the battle for survival looks like it is just beginning.

Peninsula cast includes Min Jung, Jung Suk, Kin Noh In, and Joon among others.

Step Up: Zombieland

The trailer for the upcoming Train to Busan 2 is a sequel to the 2016 blockbuster. It comes four years after, as the characters find themselves in a battle to find their way out of a land that is doomed because of an unprecedented disaster. Peninsula is scheduled to come to the Singapore cinemas in August 2020.

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