How To Share Apple Music Playlist with Family and Friends

Share Apple Music

Do you know that you can share your Apple music playlists and moments of melodic excitement with your family and friends? Sharing Apple Music can be influenced by what you want to your goals. Your subscription can be shared with you by your family members.

From single songs, a couple of songs to playlists, there is a lot you can do with these possibilities. Create the musical connection you have always wanted to set in place with a beautiful act of sharing music. See everything you need to know with the vital steps below.

Want to Share Apple Music with Family or Friends?

To do this on an Apple Music Family Plan, you need to configure Apple’s Family Sharing option. It allows several persons who could either be your family members or friends to share content among their Apple IDs. First of all, you should set up Family Sharing and invite your family to the group.

Share Apple Music

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After that, you will sign up for Apple Music with any of the following methods:

If you are new to Apple Music, then you should select a Family Plan while setting up. After that, every sharing Family member will have access to Apple Music. If you have an exclusive Apple Music subscription for private use, then you can convert it to a Family Plan.

How to Convert an Individual Subscription to A Family Plan

  • Go to your profile
  • Choose “View Account.”
  • Select “View Apple ID” and insert your Apple ID password when required.
  • Click on Subscriptions when required.
  • Select Family and then verify the option to save it.

How to Set Up Family Sharing on Android

  • Open the Apple Music app.
  • Click on the triple-dotted menu icon on the top edge.
  • Click on your photo or name to go to settings.
  • Hit Manage Membership and log into your Apple ID, if prompted.
  • Tap Family Setup and proceed.

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