Specta Personal Loan | Loan Application Process

Specta Personal Loan

Now you can get up to 5 million in just 5mins. Do you wish to know how? Apply for Specta Personal Loan and meet your demands instantly. It does not take too long to get funds on Specta. Plus, you do not have to visit any office or do any paperwork to begin your application. Visit the official website, meet the requirements, and access millions.

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Specta Loans Review

Spectra is an online lending platform that can provide up to $5 million in loans in a single transaction in just 5 minutes! No paperwork, no collateral, and no trips to any offices.

You may handle urgent personal and professional demands anywhere, at any time, using Specta.

Features Of Specta Online Loan 

Specta loan has some outstanding features. As a result, it ranks among one of the best loan apps in Nigeria. These features made the loan site unique. See the features of the Specta Loan below:

Specta Loan For Individuals:

Specta Loan allows individuals to borrow up to 5 million Nairas with low interest and without collateral. It is to meet personal needs.

Specta Loans For Business:

Also, you can get loans on Specta to fund your business and give it the supports it needs. Plus, Sign up to begin receiving payments from clients with Specta spending limits to increase sales with Specta.

Credit Card

With a Specta credit card, you can fund your account anytime, anywhere. No more unfinished transactions or insufficient funds.

Pay with Specta

Get It Now and Pay Later. You may have a spending limit of N2 million to make purchases from any of our merchants.

Specta Prime

On Specta Prime, you can get a loan with a low-interest rate while investing your money at a competitive interest rate. 

What Is Specta Loan Interest Rate?

Loan interest is between 25.5% and 28.5%*. Also, 2.5% is a one-time insurance payment. Management costs paid once only: 1%.

Is Specta Nigeria Loan legit?

Spectra is a legit site that allows customers to borrow their desired amount and meet their demands. The platform has gained recognition and has become a safe place to do online transactions without complications.

Specta Personal Loan Login

Access your desired money on spectra without delays once you log in to your account. To log in, fill out the form with your registered details and proceed. Take the below steps to log in:

  • Download and Install the Specta loan app
  • Click on Login
  • Fill out the form with your details
  • Click on Login to begin

Specta Personal Loan Requirements

To get instant loans in 5 mins on spectra, first, meet the requirement to be eligible for the loan. Although, Specta does not require much from customers. You can be eligible with the following: 

  • An active bank account number( most times, they take only sterling accounts)
  • A valid BVN
  • An ID for easy identification
  • A valid e-mail address

Specta Loan App Download

If you wish to access options, you can use the app. The mobile app is available to android users currently. The app also is easy to use. And it is safe.

To download the mobile app:

  • Go to the google play store
  • Search for the Specta app
  • Click on it to download and install

Specta Loan Application Process| How to Apply For Loans On Specta Loans

The Specta Nigeria Loan application process is straightforward. You can apply for loans in just 5mins. Plus, you get funds as fast as possible on Specta loan site. 

Take the procedures below to apply for loans:

  • Go to the Specta official website
  • Login
  • Select the Loan amount you want
  • Fill out the form with your registered details
  • You will get funds in a few hours

Specta Loan Repayment

You can pack back at your speed, at the agreed period. Failure to repay a loan on time attracts a penalty fee. You can pay back the loan through the mobile app or the website.

Specta Loan Customer Care Numbers

For assistance or support, you can call 01–4484481 and 07008220000. You can also contact us via e-mail at specta@sterling.ng.

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