Tor Browser Apk – Latest Tor Browser 8.5 on Android

Tor Browser Apk

The Tor Project recently released the first stable release for Android, and that is the latest Tor Browser 8.5. You can now try the Tor Browser Apk from Google Play Store at your convenience and comfort. These and more updates on the secret browser and its features follow below.

Tor Browser Apk on Android Devices

The main purpose of the Tor Browser is to help internet users browse the internet without being tracked. Tor has somehow been a hit since its introduction to the online browser community. For those that still don’t know about the Onion Router concept, a little heads-up before experience. A lot of unique features set Tor Browser apart in the pool of similar apps.

What to Expect From Latest Tor Browser Apk

Tor Browser 8.5 brings with it a lot of changes, bug fixes, and enhancements. However, the significant victory here is that Tor Browser 8.5 is the first successful version for Android devices. Users can now get Tor Browser Apk for their Android smartphones and tablets. The latest release can be found on the Tor Project and Google Play.


The Tor Browser for Android might not be perfect at the moment as there could still be a few bugs and incomplete features. However, The Tor Project is putting a few things together to see to the seamless running of the program soon. Therefore, Tor Browser 8.5 is still the first stable release and usable by the general public.

At the moment, no official version of the anonymous browsing app has been confirmed for Apple’s iOS, and probably none will be announced anytime soon. It is because of a statement by The Tor Project that this is “due to restrictions by Apple”. Although, it directed keen iOS device users to browse anonymously with the Onion Browser alternatively.

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