How to Unzip Files on Android | Extract Zip Files In Android

Unzip Files on Android

Do you have any idea that you can also unzip files on Android devices just like the way you do it on desktop and laptop computers? Knowing the perfect Unzip files app for Android can make it look easy for you. Below are the simple steps that will set you on your way quickly.

Extract/Unzip Files on Android Devices

Different users Zip their digital files for various reasons; some do it because they want to prevent viruses from attacking and rendering their valued data useless in their computers. Meanwhile, some apply the step to minimize their storage because of zipping data volume-compression abilities.

Advantages of Keeping Files in Zip Formats

Zipping files compress and fits multiple and sometimes different files together to make it easier to send, upload, and download. They are also widely turned to by websites to enable visitors to download varied content at a go without having to download each file individually manually.

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However, from time to time, we can go back to use the files safely-kept in these forms. Fortunately, we can do this even in the absence of computers. We can now unzip files on Android devices just as effectively as we do on computers, only more portable.

Unzip Files on Android in Simple Steps

We take the option of keeping our files in a ZIP format to present a way of sending multiple files in one neat digital kit. However, to extract these Zip file in Android, a specific third-party app will be put to use. It is a method that applies to any Android device of any make.

Files by Google Zip Extraction Procedures

  • Visit the Google Play Store and install Files by Google.
  • Launch Files by Google and locate the ZIP file you want to unzip. If you downloaded the ZIP file from a website, it might be in the Downloads folder. ZIP files always have the .zip extension.
  • Click on the file you want to extract. The list of data in the compressed ZIP folder appears.
  • Click on “Extract” to unzip the file. After the data is extracted, a list of the unzipped files will appear.
  • Click “Done.”
  • All the extracted data will be stored on the same location as the original ZIP file.

It does not take only the availability of a desktop or laptop computer to extract or unzip files on Android devices, with the help of Files by Google, you can get your data out safely. If you have further questions on the download, do not hesitate to use the comment box.

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