US Bank ReliaCard Review

US Bank ReliaCard

What Bank is US Bank ReliaCard?

What is the ReliaCard, and how does it work? U.S. Bank offers the ReliaCard, a reloadable prepaid debit card. The ReliaCard allows you to receive payments from government agencies in an electronic format. The ReliaCard from the United States Bank provides a simple and quick way for government organizations to receive money. It’s a reloadable debit card from a bank in the United States. It gives an electronic option for receiving payments from government agencies. 

Is US Bank ReliaCard a Real Bank Account?

U.S. Bank offers the ReliaCard, a reloadable prepaid debit card. It is not a credit card, but it functions in the same way as other prepaid debit cards. The card from US Bank is not a credit card, but it functions similarly to other prepaid debit cards. It is also provided and funded to citizens receiving unemployment benefits or child support payments, as determined by the governmental agency. 

If a person files for unemployment benefits or child support, the Reliacard will be sent. Since there has been a lockdown during the pandemic, the Reliacard provides citizens with the privileges of raising capital.

Can I Transfer Money from ReliaCard to a Bank Account?

If your program enables it, you can transfer money from Reliacard to a bank account. Money in your card account is available at participating retailers, ATMs, and over the counter. The card can be managed online.

When you need money, most prepaid debit cards allow you to transfer funds to your bank account. However, not all credit cards allow for direct bank transfers. However, unless you use a third-party intermediary, some debit cards do not allow you to transfer money straight to a bank. You can’t transfer money straight from Netspend to a bank account unless you use PayPal, for example.

How do I Contact ReliaCard?

If you have any issues with your account, please call us toll-free at 855.282. 6161, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact them on today on issues such as:

  1. Cardholder services
  2. Child support phone number
  3. Routing number
  4. Daily spending limit
  5. Login
  6. Card Activation
  7. Unemployment
  8. Bank Reliacard number
  9. Card Status
  10. Customer Service Number

You can find out when your ReliaCard was processed and mailed if you’re waiting for it.


The Reliacard from US Bank comes with a slew of advantages. Not only will it be funded, but you’ll be able to accomplish a lot with the money. Some of ReliaCard’s benefits are listed below.

  • It’s quick; your funds are promptly transferred to your card account.
  • Secure – you won’t have to carry cash with you all the time.
  • Saves time – getting cash is quick because you don’t have to wait for long periods.
  • You can use the Reliacard to make retail purchases anywhere that accepts Visa debit cards.

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